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Unusual Sex Practices Common In Canada

Could Canada’s Asthma Education Programme Benefit The UKTwo’s company but three’s a crowd? Apparently not so in Canada, as new statistics have shown that 22 percent of the country has had sex with two or more partners at the same time. That’s more than one in five suggesting that they’ve had a ‘threesome’. Interestingly, around 29 percent of the country’s citizens also said that they were open to the concept.

These interesting revelations came from a nationwide survey conducted by the Playtex and Environics Research Group. The results suggest that Canada is one of the most sexually experimental countries in the world. This almost goes against stereotypical thinking that might have placed Canadians as a fairly conservative people. Now it seems that they are more adventurous and uninhibited sexually.

There were a number of other results including the fact that eight percent of Canadians have had sex in a canoe! According to the survey, the average person in Canada has had 12 sexual partners in their lifetime, while 23 percent of men and 13 percent of women claimed they had 20 or more lovers. 17 percent said that they had only had sex with one person their whole life.

When it came to the frequency of having sex, 35 percent said that they indulged a few times per month, while 33 percent said a few times a week. Married Canadians were more likely to say the former, while dating Canadians were more likely to say the latter.

19 percent said that they had sex less than once a month and eight percent claimed they did it every day. Around half the country said they preferred sex in the evening with 13 percent claiming the morning was their favourite, and just five percent pining for sex in the afternoon. The rest of the population claimed that any time suited them.


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